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The claim of the author may sound correct at one point as parents cannot be able to save their children from each and every situation that could be threatening in terms of death or grave injury.But what makes the claim of authors deniable is its description.

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The authors have thus claimed that parents themselves face a lot of turmoil due to which they can not nurture their kids to the extent where they could become intelligent in future.Ultimately, I was left wondering if perhaps it would have been better if Levitt and Dubner had teamed with a single documentary filmmaker to pursue an entirely new case file.I would have settled for a well-documented hidden side of one thing than a scattershot exploration of the hidden side of everything.For example, Gordon’s introductory and transitional segments feel lighthearted and fun while Gibney and Jarecki’s segments are dark and gritty. Each segment, taken on its own, is entertaining, informative, and captivating.But when put together, it’s hard to know why these chapters were chosen for adaptation for any reason beyond the filmmaker’s preference.If it is true everyone has a price then it must be true that the Chicago Public Schools hit the teacher’s price dead on. Overall Levitt and Dubner sufficiently paint a picture in the minds of readers why someone would go against morality to benefit themselves.Freakonomics: “What Do School Teachers and Sumo Wrestlers Have in Common”. Perhaps better chapters to take from the book would’ve been “Why Do Drug Dealers Still Live with Their Moms? ” But taken individually, each segment is highly an easy and fascinating read, and if you want to see parts of the book effectively visualized, then the movie has got you covered.The gene of parents has been considered by the authors of Freakonomics as the basis of best prediction of children future.But it shall also be noted that the child’s future can be made better if parents appoint the right technique.


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