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Your honesty can be at fault, for instance, people should just admit to taking things too far when it’s better to be sensitive to one's feelings and listen to them then stating your opinion all the time.If you know that your opinion will matter and mean something positive then voice your opinion.

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The one, who always remains with you whether it’s your good time or your bad time, the one who is not formally your family member but is not then a member of your family as well, the one whom you can trust like nobody else, is a friend and this relationship between you and your friend is a pure relationship known as friendship.The Ideal Friend There are many valuable things in life, but friendships are important to all cultures.Adults and children, especially teenagers, play a huge role in everyday lives since many are role models.Or if they was stuck in a burning building, would you run in to save them?Questions like that could possibly jeopardize your relationship with that person depending on the answer choice and their reaction.There was a saying “ if you speak your truth, your more likely to speak the general truth.” Your friends are the ones you go to whenever you need advice, so their honesty is important.For example, if your friend was to ask you a question about if their pants makes them look fat, would you tell them your honest opinion or lie to protect their feelings?A real friend would have stop that person from disrespecting you in your absences.Loyalty may be hard to find, but if it is real then it will come from the heart.A loyal friend can be someone who is reliable and trustworthy.They will state their truthful opinion because they want to see the best of your ability. They will act accordingly at all times no matter what the consequences may be, good or bad.


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