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He is the author of is a compilation of seventeen essays by a diverse group of researchers: fifteen based in Latin America, nine from the United States, and four from Europe, comprising eight historians, seven anthropologists, six sociologists, and seven STS researchers.The editors grouped the contributions into three main sections in the book.There was both a True North 34 and 38 under construction and a completed TN 38 on display.

The first section, titled “Latin American Perspectives on Science, Technology, and Society,” opens with Henrique Cukierman's “Who Invented Brazil?

,” which studies the mutual influences between scientific expeditions to northern tropical Brazil and the people living in that inland...

Our guests experienced guided facility tours, watched the CNC machine cut the plug for the C&C 30 rudder, and they viewed both finished boats and boats in progress.

Specifically, we displayed the award-winning Alerion 41 along with an Alerion 20, 28, and 33.

In this presentation, they updated the crowd on the current status of the new True North 50.

Our next speakers certainly traveled the furthest to attend our event.

Charlie began his offshore career aboard Disney’s sponsored TP52 Morning Light.

Now at age 29, he faces his next challenge racing around the world.

Claudio Gutierrez is professor in the Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas, Universidad de Chile.

His research interests include both computing science (web semantics) and the history of science and technology in Latin America.


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