Essay About Taste Of Everyday Use By Alice Walker

Essay About Taste Of Everyday Use By Alice Walker-18
She really never found out why the school was closed and was unable to finish school because “in 1927 colored asked fewer questions”(Walker 110).She also loves and respects her heritage and ancestors from the past.When Dee gets upset about the quilt and Mama having already made a decision to give the quilt to Maggie for “everyday use”, Dee says, “she can always make some more, Maggie knows how to quilt” (Walker 113).

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This was passed down to her as a tradition of her family heritage.

By Maggie putting the quilts to “everyday use”, she is honoring her heritage in everyday life.

Walker uses the quilts to represent the “creative legacy that African Americans have inherited from their maternal ancestor” and show the “value of the quilt in the Afro-American experience” (Whitsitt).

In Alice Walker’s short story, “Everyday Use”, characterization of a mother and her daughters and the symbolism of the everyday use of a quilt are used to reveal the importance of heritage.

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Essay About Taste Of Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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She tells her mother that the name Dee is dead and that she “couldn’t bear it any longer, being named after the people who oppress me” (Walker 111).

When Dee does speak of her changed name-“it’s as if there is not even a tombstone to make the presence of her absence and it is as if her return seems less a return …she appears a curious visitor who has momentarily stopped off a road which began and ends elsewhere” (Whitsitt).

The reason is because of past tradition and history.

Maggie is the youngest daughter who lives at home with her mother and enjoys her lifestyle.


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