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How does the film (and its form/techniques) enact or represent such issues and relationships and developments over the course of the narrative?

Note: you may also incorporate some attention to film history and to helpful information about the director and the film (from review-essays, our textbook), and if you do so, that will adjust the ratio in your essay between such "research" and your "analysis," but be sure to include a substantial, majority portion of your essay as analysis relative to the research on the film's and director's place in film history.

I am not so much concerned with the notion of 'originality' in your analysis as with the outcome of having discovered, developed (your understanding) and learned from the process of writing this essay, culminating in the understanding demonstrated in the completed assignment.

And keep mind that for general as well as specific points about film studies, you may want to cite one or more passages in our primary text on film history or other film studies/criticism excerpts (PDFs) from our course Bblearn folders--as mentioned above--to support and illustrate your analysis.

Organize your essay around key points in your argument, rather than a chronological or primarily descriptive account of the film's plot and story. (“The costumes are beautiful.”) Aim instead to the effects of the techniques used.

(“Ada’s restrictive, layered clothing impedes her movement through the natural surroundings and symbolizes her oppression.”) -If you know precise film terminology, use it. (“The use of lighting in this scene is very effective” or “Parallel editing helps to create suspense,” etc.) Aim instead to analyze the specific effect of individual techniques.

Also, as with the Sequence Analysis, see the range of student essay examples in the Bblearn folder, which also includes two examples of students' Critical Analysis essays on the films, for example, of As assigned earlier in the semester, review Corrigan and White PDF in Bblearn folder for Chapter Twelve (429-461): Writing a Film Essay: Observations, Arguments, Research, and Analysis Writing an Analytical Film Essay and also read the Introduction to Film Analysis chapter from The critical essay usually falls between the theoretical essay and the movie review.

The writer of this kind of essay presumes that his or her reader has seen or is at least familiar with the film under discussion, although that reader may not have thought extensively about it.

Watch your selected film (repeatedly) and take notes. What patterns of familiar images and motifs help to structure the film? In the course of exploring your essay you may develop a specific (hypo)thesis statement about how one or two particular cinematic techniques underscore one or more key issues/motifs (or problems/questions/conflicts) in the film.

Pay attention to the primary issues/contradictions/conflicts explored in the film, its overall structure, and significant techniques used. Or you might begin with the film’s story/narrative to see what you most want to focus upon in your interpretive argument, with some analysis of cinematic techniques deployed to support and to illustrate your explanation and exploration.


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