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Non-native speakers of English are tested after admission to the University.

Non-native speakers of English are tested after admission to the University.ESL placement testing does not determine admissions status.

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The program offers four levels of intensive English study with the purpose of effectively integrating English language learners into grade appropriate classes.

For students whose knowledge is sufficient to communicate in a limited way Students are taught to have simple oral and listening skills and communicate ideas about greetings, people and places, jobs, days of the week, seasons, lifestyles, travel, places of interest, food, the future, etc.

International freshmen who do not meet minimum college-readiness test scores are required to take placement testing in Reading and Writing.

Non-native English speakers will take the Accuplacer ESL assessment while international native English speakers will use Accuplacer.

Accuplacer ESL assesses students in two subject areas: Reading and Writing.

Each subject area has two assessments: Reading The rubric for the EAP placement test can be found here.The writing component introduces students to writing in English, and imparts English grammatical structure.For students who have a basic command of the language Students are taught how to interpret the general meaning of a conversation, and speak more fluently in English.Upon arrival, an international student from a country where the first language is not English is required to sit for an ESL Composition Placement Essay.Based on the essay result, students needing English writing instruction will be placed in EDUTL 5901 or 5902.Our program has students from a wide variety of interests who each bring their unique experiences into the classroom.Participants in the program come from Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, South America and across the United States.Such requests must be sent to the Graduate School for review.The Graduate School will monitor the student’s progress toward completing the ESL course sequence.The student is expected to complete EDUTL 5902 within one calendar year after beginning graduate school.The Graduate Studies Committee in the student’s graduate program may request an extension of the time limit.


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