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So she can act as the force to unify the unprivileged section of the society and’ then force leaders to accede to its demands.Of course, she acts as a grand role model for other women to follow.If they get opportunity, their genius, power and capacities will bloom fully.

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Not only in India, but ‘even in the developed countries like US and UK, the right of vote was obtained by the women only when they themselves waged a struggle’ under the leadership of those who were fortunate enough to get educated.

Going back again to her role as a mother, she is solely responsible for the health and well being of the family.

We need good wives and good mothers to make our nation great.

Without a good system of female education,this will not be possible.

A good house wife is an asset to the entire family.

She can keep accounts, control and guide servants and take initiative in many domestic matters. All necessary steps should be taken to encourage universal female education.

She will be most insistent upon sending her children to school be it even at the cost of her hobbies, interests or even stomach.

This is because she appreciates the importance of education.

If we teach a woman, she acts as a filter to spread education among many others.

Woman belongs to a weaker section of the society because she suffers from many handicaps due to rigid, outdated social customs and religious practices. She is aware of her rights and will go any length to defend them.


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