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If you are interested in applying for one of our graduate assistantships (listed below), please e-mail the contact indicated for each position to express your interest and learn more about the position and the interview process.

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Finally, unlike conventional professional employment, typical maximum GA tenure is one academic year.

Thus, GA stipends offer students little or no long-term economic security.

The best place to begin your GA quest is within your own academic program.

Ask your current instructors about available GA openings.

A graduate assistantship ("GA") is a great way for bright, ambitious scholars to strike several proverbial "birds" with a single metaphorical "stone." This is possible because students who work as graduate assistants enjoy singular access to multiple advantages.

Besides being reliable sources of basic subsistence, GAs offer unparalleled opportunities to expand theoretical knowledge, develop practical skills, and build professional networks.

Unlike conventional student financial assistance such as grants, scholarships, and loans, the IRS classifies GA stipends as regular income that is subject to federal, state, and local taxes.

As educational institutions rarely deduct such withholdings, it the recipient's sole responsibility to reserve funds to meet these obligations.

Instead of annual salaries or hourly wages, GA positions pay a periodic fixed sum called a "stipend." Pay Scale, Inc. graduate assistants ranged between ,472 and ,712 with a median amount of ,833.

is a well-respected company that is widely recognized as the Web's biggest disseminator of real-time data on benefits and compensation throughout thousands of industries and occupations. Specific stipend amounts vary greatly and depend primarily on the student's institution, grade level, job duties, applicable academic discipline(s) involved, and geographical location.


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