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The government may protect the customer's freedom to buy goods and services by putting in place the corresponding laws and regulations.

That is the best thing the US government can do as far as healthcare is concerned.""While urban population is more or less OK with its healthcare system, the rural areas of the US keep on suffering from what they call an American healthcare crisis.

This may bring about a situation whereby colleges and universities turn out unqualified healthcare and nursing experts.

To prevent it from happening, professors who teach respective disciplines assign their students the task of writing a health care essay.

More than 700 hospitals are at high risk of being closed down, as they lack qualified healthcare professionals.

Therefore, emergency medical services are becoming very important, because this is the only way of providing help to patients suffering from strokes, heart attacks, and other heart-related conditions.""Being a doctor is the most responsible job in the world.

The worst consequence of being overweight is Diabetes Type II, and, unfortunately, more and more US children are facing this problem.

The pivotal role in the increase in fat intake is played by environmental factors, tastes and preferences, and culture.

In most cases, students should criticize the modern healthcare system as it really is in need of improvement.

It is necessary that they provide some vivid real-life examples if they wish to convince their audience of their point of view.


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