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The Kamakura government consisted of the emperor, shogun, and the house men.

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With the empire more or less stable, particularly after the conquest of the indigenous Ainu in the 9th century, Japan's emperors began to devote more time to leisure and scholarly pursuits and less time to government.

Important court posts were dominated by the noble but corrupt Fujiwara family.

Eventually, Kiyomori died and the Taria clan shortly declined after him.

During these battles warriors ran amok pillaging the Japan’s cuntryside.

In the Heian era, the aristocrat’s social class was sought by many because of their social and cultural status.

When the warrior rise in the Kamakura age the social classes change dramatically between aristocrat and warrior.The feudal centuries can be clunkily split into five main periods.The Kamakura Period (1185-1333) saw repeated invasions by Kublai Khan's Mongol armies.To end the chaos and violence the imperial turned to Yoritomo.Yoritomo in return raise an army of samurais and took complete control of the government and transformed it into a military government.Represents a major advance over previous publications....Students will find this volume especially useful as an introduction to the primary sources, terminology, and dominant themes in the history of chanoyu.It is the quality of seeing the familiar and not so familiar elements of tea emerge as a dynamic saga of human invention and cultural intervention that makes this book exhilarating and the details that the authors provide that make these essays fascinating.Japan's earliest settlers were fishers, hunters and gatherers who slogged over the land bridges from Korea to the west and Siberia to the north.Kiyomori murdered all the adults of the Monamoto clan and forced the children into exile.The emperor rewarded Kiyomori victory by giving him an advisor position in the government.


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