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Studies have shown that a person who is musically intelligent has a higher brain waive and better test scores than those who are not.

This is because listening to music and studying music requires the other learning style which helps them adapt to them all and learn using them all.

A kinesthesia learner can’t sit for long periods of time due to the constant need to move rather than sit and become idle.

Disorientation is commonly seen with a kinesthesia learner however according to Lamellar – Bison this is not disorientation but “organized confusion” this is a method that works best for the learner (7).

Similar to other kinesthesia learners a tactical kinesthesia learner does not like to sit still, they need constant movement in order to obtain, but where there different is a tactical learner does not like to read or do exercises they need to be able to touch such as using a calculator or writing on a chalk board.

Though all types of kinesthesia learners learn through experiment and through movement they all have different ways of obtaining the information they learned.A kinesthesia learner incorporates learning such as math, science, etc with some form of movement or acting in an attempt to obtain the information.Lamellar – Bison explains that a kinesthesia learner represents what he has learned through experiments this is what is used to retain the information.The movement of a kinesthesia learner shouldn’t be punished but encouraged because it is the way in which they learn best. Nolan in her article “Musical Intelligence in the Classroom” Musical intelligence is the use of sound to convey their emotions.Often times someone who is musically intelligent discovers this at a young age.Having the ability to utilize these styles do not make one smarter than another but they both help adaptation of other learning styles.Musical and kinesthesia have many similarities as well as differences.Standing, walking and just movement in general is the best way that a kinesthesia learner learns best, according to Lamellar- Bison “He performs better when working in short spurts rather than concentrated blocks of time.Because of his pent-up energy, he often gets restless and fidgety” (7).The different types of kinesthesia learners have other ways of retaining the information in which they learned.A tactical kinesthesia learner uses touch in order to retain information unlike the other types of learners who visualizes what they*re trying to learn and retain.


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