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In spite of the tantalizing idea that life might be found on Mars, mounting a successful mission there to resolve this mystery is not so easy.Of the 11 attempted landings on Mars, only 4 have been successful up to now.He notes that the microorganisms may have been the very start of life, as human civilization knows it.

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So hospitable that it may once have inhabited primitive, bacteria-like life.

Outflow channels and other geologic features provide extensive evidence that billions of years ago liquid water flowed on the surface of Mars.

Whether or not the tiny Beagle 2 survived its dangerous descent to the Martian surface, the Spirit, a robotic craft launched by NASA, landed safely on the planet over the weekend and began transmitting photographs of the surface within hours.

A sister NASA rover, the Opportunity, will try to land this month.

The activity also makes clear a fact that most scientists keep trying to underscore, that the best, most exciting and cheapest science involves unmanned spacecraft.

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Even after only a 35 percent success rate thus far, the 11 missions to Mars have in total cost probably less than 1 percent of the projected cost of sending astronauts to Mars. Report of a study held under the auspices of the Space Science Board. C.: National Academy of Sciences National Research Council, 1966. The rovers are to travel several hundred feet a day in search of evidence that liquid water once flowed on Mars.Humanity has been fascinated by the possibility that life may have existed on Mars, our closest planetary neighbor, for as long as telescopes have allowed us to peer at its red surface.Indeed, given that the Martian rock being analyzed was found on Earth makes it clear that material is regularly exchanged between the planets.For all we know, life on one planet may have ''seeded'' life on another at some time.Space travel remains a difficult and expensive activity.But the excitement surrounding the current European and American landings makes it clear that the scientific questions that they may answer inspire a host of people.With dwindling hope, scientists with the European Space Agency have awaited a nine-note musical message, much like the sound I hear on my daughter's cellphone when it receives a call.Hearing this tune, written by a British band, Blur, would signal that the British-built Beagle 2 spacecraft landed safely on Mars two weeks ago and could begin experiments to detect trace signatures of past or present microbial life.


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