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In a free society, the powers of a political party and of a trades union depend on organization and loyalty.Advances both in democracy and in workers' rights will always depend on these factors.Modern scientific research is a matter of team-work, and the outstanding intellects of our day work from the base of the discoveries of their predecessors, even when principles in the past are found to be inadequate, flawed, or actually false.

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This dependence is most obvious in man's early days.

To state that a child depends on its parents for everything goes without saying, and where a child is deprived of parental care, for whatever reason, immense harm results.

“For example I can pretend to be a superhero like Cece, and I can build friends out of sand and water because Cece had a lot of friends in the book.” As Anthony Cavanaugh wrote about The Mark of Athena, it might be helpful to have a Roman or Greek hero in your back pocket.

“They must fight to survive using the many powers and skills that they have received from their unearthly parents.” For other participants like Partha Jammalamadaka, it came down to the page count and the sense of humor with Diary of the Wimpy Kid: Double Down.

In other jobs, joint action at every stage is crucial, as on the car assembly line.

This is even more the case where jobs are hazardous.

With over 100 entries, 14 judges, and a whole lot of fabulously creative writing, the selection process was anything but easy. Still, it was the most creative essays that rose to the top. She opened her essay by imagining that her island life began after “something big hits the hull of the boat.

That said, congratulations go to the follow winners, most of whom read their work at our celebration on May 22, from 7-9 pm: Level 1 (Grade 3-4): Melanie Clark, First Place; Charlotte Martino, Second Place; Partha Jammalamadaka, Third Place; Sysille Eaton, Benoit Gebbie, Devin Lemorticelli, Nicole Martino and Kyra Walsh, Honorable Mentions Level 2 (Grade 5-8): Alyssa Lahaise, First Place; Joy Xu-Allan, Second Place; Trevor Brown, Third Place; Serena Elias, Jason Le and Haniya Sperling, Honorable Mentions Level 3 (Grade 9-Adult): Mary Erickson, First Place; Anthony Cavanaugh, Second Place; and Joseph Gallant, Third Place. The boat starts to sink, you quickly put on a life, vest, grab your book, jump off the boat, and swim to the deserted island.” On the way Clark grabbed her Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban because it was a “page turner” and you don’t want to be bored when you’re hanging out on an island for a while.

Thankfully, many of these barriers were not reinstated when peace came.

Sadly enough, all wars produce refugees and displaced persons, and often a situation in which a return home is impossible.


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