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Not only does this lead to miscommunication, but also creates confusion amongst individuals.The habit of reading newspapers and books has witnessed a decline as the use of social media has increased.Children tend to spend most of their time on these social sites instead of focusing on their academics.

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The impact of this bullying is that it causes deep mental scars, depression and possibly even death.

Individuals who are bullied over the internet tend to live in fear and when they find no way out, they may commit suicide.

It is a fact that “social media is causing social evils” because there are many negative effects of social media on our society.

Social networking sites, such as Facebook and My Space, allow us to interact with people belonging to different parts of the world. It weakens relationships because people are involved in making new friends without physical or face-to-face interaction.

Risks are involved in this sort of public sharing and display.

Since these posts are uncontrolled and unmonitored, they tend to mislead our youth.The rate at which inappropriate content is shared over social media is escalating day by day.People, especially adults, spend most of their time on social media sites viewing improper content including videos and pictures.The fact about young individuals is that they are too open about their personal lives, especially in public.People post anything of their choice without any restriction.The most highlighted risk in today’s media is cyberbullying.This crime usually occurs on social networking sites.These are websites through which we can interact with people and share information.While these social networking sites may have their benefits, they also have some disadvantages as well.But before discussing the risk, it is important to understand what cyberbullying is.Cyberbullying is a social crime committed through electronic communication by attempting to harass a person.


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