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In the third sentence, stanzas 9-11, Odysseus tells Calypso how her island converts the storms of the corporeal world into forever new, cool, moistness.He becomes startled when he realizes that the woman, that he compares Calypso to, will die from change.In nine books spanning 20 years, David Sedaris has riffed on matters both cosmic and mundane, from growing up with his tight-knit Greek-American family in the suburbs of Raleigh, N.

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H is the man who knows his mind and the situation when he is forced to obey to woman, ebarrasses him and makes him long for home and his beloved family, “ith his eyes ever filled with tears, ad dying of sheer home-sickness”(30).

Tis situation is also an important factor that leads to his rebirth, wen he at last is free and ready resume his journey to Ithaca.

But for the first time, he also addresses, poignantly, the 2013 suicide of his estranged sister Tiffany, the youngest of his five siblings.

And while his mother, Sharon, who died of cancer in 1991, has been a frequent subject in his books, Sedaris now reckons with her alcoholism, which his family barely acknowledged in her final years.

“Over the course of the day, the line she Inevitably, that penchant for exaggeration leads to Donald Trump, and pained reflections on the 2016 election.

Trump's rise put Sedaris at odds with his Greek-American father, Lou, now in his 90s.Ecept for the influence that is made by the necessity to obey to woman, Oysseus’ interaction with Calypso doesn’t only make him change.I also reveals the traits of the character that were always natural to him, ad shows his personality.They've never been close, and Lou may never have accepted that David is gay, though he imparted an appreciation for jazz.“The silence my father and I inflicted on each other back then is now exacerbated by his advanced age,” Sedaris writes ruefully.“Every time I see him could be the last, and the pressure I feel to make our conversations meaningful paralyzes me.”That’s not a thought that’s easily embellished.Clypso is a loving woman and a goddess at the same time, ad as the example of loving woman with character and power, se tends to possess the man her heart chose.H is compelled to surrender, ad it contradicts with his male nature and character.It has fewer laugh-out-loud moments, but feels more substantial and rewarding than some of his earlier efforts, especially his underwhelming previous collection of essays, , excerpts from his 1977-2002 diaries, was published last year.)Sure, Sedaris’ wry voice enhances stories about his obsession with a Fitbit fitness-tracking device, fad diets, his short stature (I can relate) and the perks and pitfalls of frequent travel for his lucrative lecture tours.A recurring setting is the North Carolina beach house, playfully dubbed the Sea Section, that he purchased as a gathering spot for his scattered family, including his actress sister, Amy, and his longtime boyfriend, Hugh, with whom he lives in West Sussex, England.He examines this willful avoidance ironically, through his love of the reality series revealed made-up characters or events that never happened, and the author has described his own recollections as “realish.”The new book includes an improbable tale of his enlistment of a child-size stranger, whom he met at an El Paso book signing, to surgically remove a benign egg-size tumor, which he intended to feed to a favorite snapping turtle at a park.“All told, it was an exceptional evening: a chance to meet interesting new people and have at least one of them reach inside of me with her tiny hands," he writes., especially personal reflections on his family, feels true.


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