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In my home state of Arizona, 250,000 people fall into this category (Artiola et al., 19).

In my home state of Arizona, 250,000 people fall into this category (Artiola et al., 19).The situation is much worse in developing countries, where access to safe drinking water is very limited.

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Learning about these issues at a Girl Scout Jamboree made me think how often people take water resources for granted.

It inspired me to research chemical contaminants to promote safe drinking water and protect the environment in general.

Many things can contaminate water sources, but this project focused on herbicides, fertilizers, and fungicides, which enter surface water from urban and agricultural runoff and percolate into groundwater from farm irrigation and urban lawn watering (“Managing Stormwater Runoff”).

Contaminants are documented at levels above accepted guidelines for safe drinking water (“Agricultural Chemicals”; “Understudied Fungicides”; “Study Confirms Glyphosate”; Biello), and may be carcinogenic or cause other problems for body systems (“Drinking Water Contaminants”).

I tested IR and conductivity for these agricultural runoff samples before and after batch adsorption, varying the solid-to-liquid ratio, the adsorbent particle size, and the contact time.

Results provided trends to understand how such factors affected the adsorption processes, but could not describe what was in the water.

This work was the baseline from which I planned research studying how contaminant concentration is affected by batch adsorption.

The research question is: Can agricultural waste be used to remove contaminants from water?

The hypotheses state: 1) if water contaminated with a chemical is mixed with agricultural waste in a batch adsorption process, then the concentration of contaminant in the water will be decreased because the waste material is able to bind with and remove the contaminant from the solution, and 2) there is an optimal length of contact time for mixing in batch adsorption that causes the greatest reduction in contaminant concentration.

The dependent variable measured was contaminant concentration in water samples.


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