Essay On Computers Are Better Than Teachers

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Computers provide a lot of free reign to students, letting them stray from a teacher’s planned lesson or even access sources with wrong information.

This leads to students who fall behind in class, fail to meet learning objectives, and even learn incorrect material.

There is no doubt computers are powerful tools — after all, they are used for almost everything we do today.

We use them to communicate with friends and family, to organize our lives, and to learn and find new information.

Tablets, smartboards, and other technologies continue to make their way into the classroom as learning tools for students.

The question this leads many people to ask is, should students’ textbooks be replaced by notebook computers in the classroom?Giving students the opportunity at a young age can help set them up for success in the future.With so much time spent on computers outside the classroom, one risk of computer learning is overexposing students.One of the biggest questions on the minds of educators is how much technology is enough in the classroom.The debate between “textbooks vs computers” has been going on for a long time and with more technology in the classroom than ever, that debate won’t end anytime soon.It can be hard for students to separate “computer time for learning” and “computer time for playing”.This can lead them to spending time on social media sites rather than following a lesson plan.Students feel motivated when they’re progressing through their schoolwork.Reading a textbook gives young learners the chance to see how they are making their way through their lessons.But how well do students learn when they use computers?This is the question educators and parents face every day.


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