Essay On Fate In Oedipus The King

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He tells them that "I do not know with what eyes I could look" (1371) upon his parents, "those two to whom I have done things deserving worse punishment than hanging" (1373).Oedipus, while not responsible for his crimes, feels that he is dishonoring the parents that raised him by foolishly defying his fate.Oedipus' does not suffer the divine wrath of Apollo, but instead inflicts his own punishment.

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Seeing what has transpired, Oedipus realizes that a higher power is responsible for his destiny and his crimes.

Apollo holds ultimate responsibility for Oedipus' crimes because Oedipus is a mere pawn in the god's plan to punish Thebes.

He understands the heinous nature of the crimes told in the prophecy so he "fled to somewhere where I should not see fulfilled / the infamies told in that dreaded oracle" (796-797).

Oedipus deliberately defies his fate out of the hope that he will not kill his father and marry his mother - two sins that he tries to avoid at all costs.

It would seem that Oedipus is receiving his just reward for his treatment of others, especially when he tells Creon that his only choice is to kill or banish him for supposed treachery.

Oedipus also insists that he "must be ruler" (628), despite the fact that he shares equal power with Creon.

He hopes to "live in the mountains where Cithaeron is," (1451) so he can "die by their decree who sought / indeed to kill me" (1454-1455).

Oedipus asks for exile on behalf of the city, so that it will no longer suffer.

Oedipus commits the heinous act of killing his father and marrying his mother.

The tragic events that follow seem to be apt punishment for this sin.


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