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There was one couple with their two adorable children.One was a girl child about 5 years old and the other was a baby boy who was a few months old.

Train journeys, as I already mentioned, are incredibly panoramic.

You can behold mountains, cities as well as rivers from your window seat.

Then, I would say that train journeys are generally free from hassles and are very smooth, which means you can comfortably sit on your seat without jostling yourself.

Seats are generally spacious and you cannot enjoy that luxury at the back seat of your car or in an economy-class flight journey.

It was the time for her to de-board the train and with a smile on her face and with a lot of anticipation in her eyes hoping to see me again, she bid me goodbye. Not every time it is appropriate to come up with some serious and nerve wrecking issues. So coming back to my speech, I believe that train journeys are enjoyable and act as a great stress buster.

If you are travelling with your family, you can enjoy food, sightseeing and play games, etc. If you are travelling alone, you can sit at the window seat, enjoy the scenes and soak in the air.

In my train journeys, I got to enjoy a lot and got acquainted with a lot of interesting people.

Once I happen to know one army personnel, who was returning from his home town and was quite reeling under the hangover of his family. He had a lot of experiences to share from both his home and army life.

So considering the relevance of this topic, we have included ‘A journey by Train’ speech.

There are both short as well as long speeches on Journey by train which are quite comprehensive and easy to understand.


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