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Approximately a quarter of a million United States troops were pitted against a comparable number of German forces.Basic lessons of the Bulge include personnel and matériel.

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You should not discriminate against a human by race, religion, or else.

The United States is a great example, but still far from perfect as racial and gender discrimination may take place in certain regions. Entire nations can easily find common speech with each other with words of respect and love, and you can explain the best words to do that. To avoid wars in particular country and globally, it is important to battle against the violence and never support politicians & activists that provoke or promote war. Enjoy every moment you live and take the best of today.

Thousands volunteered on these terms, and were vital to Allied victory. Warner near Dom Butgenbach Belgium knocked out two German tanks, and then his 57-mm. He was firing a pistol at a third approaching tank, when the German driver backed up and withdrew.

One of Warner’s shots had killed the commander, and the crew was unable to proceed, a characteristic reaction among German troops.

Also, no because of human nature and what peace does to the mind. According to the dictionary on my computer, peace is a period of time where there is supreme well-being and sometimes happiness. I believe it has something to do with how human nature needs some stress in the life.

No, because of today and how the media portrays peace and war. (That's just the opposite of peace.) Peace is a hard word to define and get.

Patton’s Third Army broke through to the 101st Airborne Division, surrounded by the Wehrmacht in the crossroads town of Bastogne, on the day after Christmas. However, Nazi hopes of breaking the Western Front, and Anglo-American alliance, were defeated. During the Civil War, Gettysburg and other engagements resulted in a higher percentage of casualties among combatants.

During World War II, such enormous amphibious invasions as Normandy, Iwo Jima and Leyte Gulf in the Philippines were inherently more complex in logistical terms than the Bulge.

Admirable and effective German Chancellor Angela Merkel was selected as 2015 “Person of the Year” by The economy is humming along.

Pick any measure — GDP, employment, wages, even stock prices, recent hiccups in the popular averages notwithstanding — and things look rosy.


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