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An Act of Kindness that I did for someone would be for my parents.What I did as kindness would be that I help my mom do chores at home without them telling me to help.

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Was this woman, whom I’d never seen before, actually giving me this much money? She wouldn’t take the check I offered her for the cash. Since that day, I’ve been unable to get that scene out of my head. Though it is a simple tale, its significance is huge.

Hers was a random act of kindness that touched my heart deeply.

she needed that extra money for when my dad did not work she can pay the house and bills food and all expenses.

She handed me a five dollar bill through the car window, then turned and walked away. I lowered the window gingerly to keep the frigid air out, but cracked it just enough to hear what the woman had to say.

The incident reminded me of a story my mother once told me of a stranger she met in a grocery store in Tucson, AZ.

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The two women struck up friendly conversation and chatted freely as they browsed through the aisles shopping for food.My father worked in construction he was a hard worker too he will go to work a little later than my mom and come home earlier than her I liked helping at home and taking care of my dad when he didnt work giving him his medication and making food for him and be there for what he needed when he would come home from the hospital i would help him walk him to the bathroom leave hes cloths ready for when he was done taking shower have averything ready for him since he was really weak when he came out from his kimos.its sad to so him like that he didnt like me to help him he would be moudy all the time .I don’t know her name, nor where she was going—the encounter was so brief—but I know I will never forget that lady stranger who generously saved me from a lot of frustration and prevented me from walking a mile or more to my destination. My husband, Leo, and I were already a half hour late for a statewide conference on the status of African American families and children. We had taken the wrong fork in the expressway, and found ourselves deadlocked in traffic that was backed up for four miles due to a serious accident. Through the cracked window, she shoved a five dollar bill. When we finally were able to What could she possibly want?Everyday some random act of kindness happens without your knowledge.Some kids give an elderly lady a compliment, or a police officer brightens a by-stander’s morning.At the gas station I was minding my own business when a stranger approached me and asked if I had a set of jumper cables and if I could give him a jump.As a teenager being approached by a grown man asking for help, thoughts of being kidnapped, tortured and murdered filled my imagination.It caused me to ponder how many times I’ve passed up opportunities to help someone out.We were not poor, nor were we begging for a handout; just change for our twenty dollar bill.


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