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An organisation needs to think carefully depending on the vacancy where they want to advertise as they may get time wasting applicants which can be very costly to the organisation i.e. In conclusion, effective recruitment and selection is important to organisations as they need to be able to choose the candidate with the right skills and qualifications who will be able to apply these attributes to the job.

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In 1995, WSL started up with 8 physical stores within New Zealand.

Until 2008, WSL had 46 stores throughout (Warehouse stationary, n.d.).

The organisation provides the Human resource department criteria that are set out about the organisation as well the functional department where the vacancy is held.

These criteria's help identify the individual criteria for the job so a job specification can be written out.

Using an e-recruitment in WSL is effective, cost less and faster method under condition of time consuming, expenditure cost, speed, and updating information.

Conversely it may also create unfairness for candidates in term of internet access and knowledge of using e-recruitment and it also decrease interaction between employers and employees.

It will also enlighten people on the different techniques that are used for selection purposes as well as which method is the most useful and why it is useful.

Recruitment is a procedure that is undertaken in order to fill in a gap in the management and selection can be described as an assessed procedure in order to select a candidate that is most suitable for the position in hand.

Either salaried employees or waged employees may have to work in the same tasks; even they have difference pay method (salaried or waged). WSL may have to apply psychometrics test for every candidates to increase fairness.

Recruitment process in WSL is operating in the right way, but they may need to adjust some method to make more suitable and effective for both organization and applicants to apply for the new job available.


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