Essay On Safety At School

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Clogged drains and the stagnant water due to the rubbish could be the reason for breeding of spots of Aedes mosquitoes.

Apart from that,every student should use the school's facilities with care.

Since the school bus is on a specific route, some students will have to get up and prepare for school really early if they are among the very first ones who get picked up.

Similarly, some students will get home later than most as they are the last ones to be dropped off along the route.

A clean,hygienic and safe environment is necessary for the learning activities.

Throw rubbish into the drains /out of the windows 3. Disobey school’s rules- bring sharp object, miss lesson on physical education School is the place where we learn and gain a great deal of knowledge.

Don't damage the facilities given like breaking the chair,table and blackboard. Besides that,the damaged facilities will also be harmful to other fellow students.

So,there is no need to vandalising at school as it is dangerous and unbeneficial action.

Traffic laws are implemented specifically for school bus transport to make sure that students are protected. Students are picked up from their doorsteps and safely brought to school and back. Most students enjoy riding on school buses instead of carpooling because they get to interact with many other students from school.

They can also be as noisy as they want to be, laughing and shouting during the daily travel.


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