Essay On Should Animals Be Used In Research

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We owe our good health to past investigators and the animals they studied.As we decide on the future of animal research, we should keep in mind the future generations who will look back at us and ask if we acted wisely.

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I often find myself scratching my head wondering what in the world is going on.

Do people really need more research on animals, who are known to have rich and deep emotional lives, to learn more about our own rich and deep emotional lives — or in commercial testing?

We know, for example, from scientific research published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, that mice, rats, and chickens display empathy and that rats like to be tickled and laugh, but they are still used and abused by the millions in various types of research and are protected by the Federal Animal Protection Act in the U. Indeed, those animals are not even considered to be animals.

Appealing to, and extending, the precautionary principle to people's interactions with other animals, one can easily argue that society knows all we need to know right now to use such information on behalf of other animals.

Below is an outline of circumstances when it could be considered acceptable and unacceptable.

Firstly, it is clear that major advances in fighting disease, viruses and illnesses would not have been made without testing products on animals.

It makes no sense to sacrifice future human health and well being by not using animals in research today.

In fact, it would be immoral and selfish not to use animals in research today, given the harm that could accrue to future generations if such research were halted.

The majority of Americans agree that animal research must continue.

But legislators rarely hear from this majority, whereas they are bombarded by appeals from the small minority who wish to stop or severely curtail such research.


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