Essay On The Secret Is Out

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They briefly give to me the illusion or the hope that there's a pattern to my life, and if there's a pattern, then maybe I'm moving toward some kind of destiny where it's all explained.” ― “I didn't think I was in a morbid mood, but it appears I am. I’m thirty-five, but sometimes it’s still this beautiful amazing shock to me that women don’t have penises.

My mind goes round and round trying to figure things out, but I always come back to the same two things: Loneliness and Death. They just have this lovely little mound of hair and then this tucked away glorious hole.

The time period in which this story is set holds a great deal of importance.

While adultery is a devious act no matter how you look at it, it was especially devilish in this time period of Colonia America.

But as she begins to distract herself with her work and realize the blessing of her child Pearl, the fiery “A” emblazoned on her chest begins to take new meaning.

Once standing for “adulterer,” many begin to see it as representing “able” (152).

Life ends before we figure anything out, most importantly how not to be lonely. But feeling like you have no one to love - abject lonliness - is not alright.” ― “Anyway, what do women grab when they’re nervous and sitting at their desks?

I love how women look in panties, how they’re flat in the front.

Rather than avoid the past, she instead attempts to complete tasks in an effort to seek forgiveness. Hooper’s from another Nathaniel Hawthorne story, “The Minister’s Black Veil.” Both characters don symbols to represent their secret sins.

Towards the end of Hooper’s life, he exclaims that he looks around at those surrounding him, “and lo, on every visage a Black Veil! From this quote one must wonder if the hate projected upon Hester by the townspeople is more than just disgust, perhaps in an attempt to distract their neighbors from their own secret sins.


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