Essay On Why Weed Is Bad

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“In each of the grades, about 20 percent of total marijuana use was driven by people who only vape marijuana and don’t use it in any other way,” Volkow said.

Rates of marijuana edible use are higher in states that have legalized marijuana use for adults.

By 12th grade, nearly half of teens reported trying marijuana at least once in their lifetime.

More than a third of high school seniors used marijuana in 2017, and less than a quarter used marijuana monthly.

These products may appear to be less dangerous because they aren’t smoked or injected.

But each contains THC, which can have a negative impact on the brain. “Particularly worrisome is regular patterns of use,” Volkow said.

Genetic and environmental factors affect which kids will try drugs.

For example, a child raised by parents who smoke weed is more likely to try the drug than a child raised by parents who don’t. These children may be more prone to take risks or give in to peer pressure.

But it’s clear that marijuana use can cause lasting harm to the teen brain, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

And teens have access to more potent marijuana today than their parents had access to in the 1980s and ’90s.


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