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As a mother who lost her children because of Hera's refusal to protect them and help nurture them to maturity, Corinthian Medea originally emblematized the results of Hera's neglect and/or anger (64).

According to Johnston, this loss would have caused Medea to become a reproductive demon that killed other mothers' children.

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Throughout the years, the audience vividly observes various social views as expressed by the playwrights. Similar to other playwrights, Euripides uses the theater as a channel to express his social views to other Greeks.

Euripides ' play Medea functions as a social commentary to convince the Greeks that their view on the demeaning social status of women is flawed.

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At the end of Johnston's stimulating essay, however, she has to admit that the specific reasons why the Colchian and Corinthian Medea were joined together are beyond our secure recovery (67).

In an excellent essay on "Medea as Foundation-Heroine," Nita Krevans explores Medea's role as founder of cities.


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