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But there are places like Delhi where millions of people are at risk of debilitating health problems due to the air they’re breathing.

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that a disrupted circadian rhythm can actually increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

In the article, epidemiologist Richard Stevens of the University of Connecticut argues that women working night shifts are almost twice as likely to develop breast cancer.

The study tracked 11,000 children for three years, and came to the shocking conclusion that “children in Delhi, between four and 17 years of age, were worse off than their counterparts elsewhere-- the figures were twice to four times as bad.”In cities such as Paris, London, Madrid or New York, we tend to disregard the health impacts of living in such a place because they’re relatively negligible.

Poverty and race are much bigger contributing factors of asthma than the pollution.

This is a hugely important factor in deciding where you want to live.

We all operate on a budget, whether it’s large or small.

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There’s a lot of stigma surrounding urban living, and chief among them is safety.

In places where there are strict regulations on pollution and air quality, the negative impacts of living in a city are mitigated.

For example, according to have irreversible lung damage due to pollution.


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