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That is particularly relevant to your essay, put the emphasised words in italics, and state. As the exam is only a week away, it's important that you now begin to finalise your quotes and modern examples list.

English Literature is rich in profound and gripping works created in different historical epochs. This procedure is the same as that used to construct the Transaction Orders, Reports, and Quotes (TORQ) database except that I employ a more recent sample. Read this 5-page article to learn how to use quotations in essays.

But if the quoted sentence ends with an exclamation mark or question mark, it may be felt unreasonably fussy to add a period after the closing quotation mark.

Fortunately this situation does not arise frequently, and when it does I personally try to rephrase the sentence so as to avoid having to adhere to the convention. Setting quoted text apart from the text of your own essay This is appropriate for longer quotations (40 words or more), or when you want your reader to dwell a little on the quoted text.

Here, then, is some advice that will help you incorporate quotations into your writing in. You can write a 500 word essay and go overkill on massive quotes.

We have two members of staff at our nursery who are doing their.

However, there are a few general guidelines that can help if you’re unsure what to do, as we will explain in this post. Quoting at length is most useful when analysing a passage of text or when how something is written is essential to what it means.

The exact rules for this depend on the referencing system you’re using. They are typically used when quoting longer passages, as setting long quotations apart from surrounding text ensures they are not mistaken for your own work. If you’re quoting a source at length simply to set out an idea or theory, it’s usually better to paraphrase the original text in your own words (this shows you’ve understood the source).

In both cases, block quotes are used when the exact wording of something is important. As a rule of thumb, block quotes should only be used for quotations of more than forty words.

However, some style guides have specific rules on this: Make sure to check your university’s style guide if you need to use a block quote in your work.


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