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Also remember, that this is an analysis, not an opinion piece. Unlike the Quant and Verbal sections, where your thumb-rule should be to get as high a score as possible, we’d suggest that you do not expend too much mental energy on the AWA, trying to score a 6 on 6.

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There are not many shortcuts to mastering GMAT Quant and Verbal, but there are shortcuts to cracking the AWA section.

By the time you finish reading this guide, you will know what these hacks are.

There are always a couple of glaring flaws in logic you can pounce on. 🙂 This should take you about 5 minutes: Are you wondering if three minutes is really enough time to proof-read a 500 word essay?

If these flaws do not occur to you immediately, because of test-day stress, do not assume that you have been given a particularly sound argument. If you’re unable to be critical, imagine that the author of the argument is somebody you dislike..a teacher you hated at college, or that guy who overtook you and almost dented your car this morning! Explain what further information could have strengthened this argument. Here’s the deal – The AWA section is about whether you can analyse an argument and discuss it in an articulate manner. Hence, the GMAT will excuse minor errors in spelling and grammar.

If you cover this much practice ground, you’re good to go! One of the best things about the AWA section is that you know all of the questions beforehand ( yes, they’re all up there on the GMAC site – Analytical Writing Section ).

So you do not have to go hunting for ‘authentic’ AWA essay questions. Now you can choose the order in which you want to take up the sections before starting the test.

You will learn how to write an effective AWA essay that gets you a good score and leaves you charged for the real test that lies ahead.

This blog will teach you – • What you need to know BEFORE you start preparing for the AWA • How to use the 30 minutes allotted to AWA to maximum effect • How to use a template to make the AWA writing process simpler Besides this, you will find 8 sample AWA essays to observe and learn from. 🙂 Before you dive into AWA preparation, there are a few things you should know about the AWA. Each section of the GMAT is carefully constructed ( at the expense of millions of dollars, we kid you not!

We saved the coolest point for last 🙂 The AWA lends itself very easily to the use of an essay template.

No matter what the argument prompt is, you can bet that there will be at least 3 glaring errors of logic in it.


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