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The existence of law, however, does not mean that conflict is any easier to resolve.[1] Instead, as law becomes more elaborate and constraining, it becomes increasingly contentious.

The powerful do not wish to be constrained in their ability to respond to threats.

Despite all of this, international law is often followed.

This can be attributed in part to Great Power backing, but also much of international law is based on customary practice.

The court's independence is enhanced by the fact that only one judgment of the court is released, not individual positions.

The Court is generally regarded as one of the most "European-minded" institutions in the E.

Second, customary practices that have evolved over time often become codified in law.

Third, general legal principles that are common to a significant number of states can become part of the corpus of international law.

The ICJ remained marginal until the 1980s as the Soviet bloc rejected it, and Third World states soured on the idea after some early unfavorable rulings. The European Court of Justice is the sole judicial organ for the European Union.

It is independent in its decision-making, and its purpose is to ensure that European law is followed.


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