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With this balance I will be able to dance the dance of my life, for a lifetime.

With this balance I will be able to dance the dance of my life, for a lifetime.

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Many dancers have eating disorders and they lead very, very stressful lives.

The level of precision required is comparable to that of an Olympic gymnast.” To probe dancing injuries, Smith and J. Ptacek, an associate professor of psychology at Bucknell University, and Elizabeth Patterson, a retired ballet dancer and former UW undergraduate student, studied 46 members of the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company in Seattle.

“Swan Lake” and “Sleeping Beauty” may be as tough opponents as the Supersonics or the Steelers.

Psychologists trying to understand the factors that put athletes and performers at risk for injuries have found that professional ballet dancers get hurt just as often and suffer just as serious injuries as athletes in contact sports.

Sixteen years ago when I was a thigh-high, tiptoeing toddler, being a dancer meant I lived in a cozy home without living-room furniture, dressed daily in rummage sale prom dresses and pink tutus, leaped and swirled to the crescendo of Antonio Vivaldi from the stereo, and beamed when my mom glorified my final bow, “Bravo ma petite enfant! ” before serving lemonade and shortbread refreshments to our make believe audience.

As a child dancer, the love and gift to dance came to me like a birthright.Two summers ago I was given an opportunity I had dedicated myself to for years: to join a professional ballet company.When the Artistic Director of the Eugene Ballet Company offered me an apprenticeship I could feel my dream unfolding within my grasp. ” That fall, I left high school and enrolled in an online academic program while dancing seven hours a day with the Company. I weathered the storm and grew, and that is the point.The dancers, 31 women and 15 men, were recruited 11 weeks into the season, after they had had enough time to experience work-related life events and become involved in the ballet company’s social network.On average, the dancers were slightly over 26 years of age.I felt the joy of the dreamy, tiptoeing toddler within me. Then, within the year, the dancer’s bane of injury crept its way around my ankles, knees, and hips like invasive ivy. I knew then, and still know now, that the best way to alter the future is to focus on the present.Persistence, perseverance, practice, and luck worked! Focusing too much on the big picture can ignore the reality that a dancer’s dance is grounded on many small steps and very few large steps. But now, the never-ending process of becoming a dancer rather than just being a dancer has broadened and matured my trajectory.The new study focuses on anxiety as a factor in performance injuries.Anxiety has physical and cognitive components, according to Smith.None of the dancers was injured when the study began.Injuries were then tracked for eight months, the remainder of the company’s season.


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