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Later Italian and Eastern European immigrants received much the same treatment.It is no wonder then that these immigrants surrounded themselves with people of their own ethnicity and that they eventually turned to crime.

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Street socialization is a key feature of adolescent gangs.Second, this term also refers to “street crimes,” that is, serious and violent crimes (e.g., assaults, drive-by shootings, robberies, homicides) that occur on the streets and that often are of concern to citizens and policymakers.The ongoing commission of these offenses consequently instills fear among residents, undermining informal social control mechanisms within the community.As more and more immigrants began to land unload into New York harbors they began to complete with each other for houses, jobs and most importantly respect.Many of the immigrants who arrived in New York were often struggling financially in their home country and had come to America in order to escape the harsh realities of their lives.An alarming amount of young adults are joining gangs and becoming involved in illegal activity.Most gangs have a rule that when you join the gang you are a member of the gang for life.The term “street gang” is often used interchangeably with “youth gang” as well as “criminal street gang,” with the latter explicitly denoting the element of criminal activity found almost universally in gang-related legislation.However, the term “street gang” carries two specific meanings that increase its practical value.With more community involvement gangs could be eliminated.If we teach children about the harsh reality of gang members at an early age we could help prevent gang growth in the future.


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