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Introduction The play 'Night Mother by Marsha Norman is the story of a daughter reassessing her life's direction.

Faced with the perception that her life no longer has a meaningful purpose, this young woman has come to a critical moment of decision.

In the play, we learn that Jessie is a woman who has been left by her husband, and that she also has a teenage son who has been caught on the wrong side of the law.

She has had a need to have people around her to keep her life functioning and to keep her occupied.

s ex-husband Cecil and her brother Dawson, who are solely secondary characters that do not make an appearance in the play itself.

However, they are often mentioned in the dialogue between Jessie and Thelma.This profoundly moving play develops its drama not from hiding what is at stake-Jessie's overhanging death- but by setting it out in a manner that the author develops drama around the outcome of the question: will Jessie kill herself?It is the nature of drama, that there can only be a story if there is a determinant to what sets the story into motion.The secrets Thelma keeps hidden, spills out in a 'downpour'.Subsequently, Jessie and Thelma talk about Jessie's ex-husband whom Thelma schemingly introduced to her. written by Marsha Norman is not in itself written to be about suicide, but rather it tries to focus on the relationship between the mother and daughter.This is a fact that some people have missed including some writers whose job it is to review films and plays.This one act play tells of the night when she informs her mother who she lives with, of her choice.Suspense builds as the mother desperately tries to alter her daughter's plans.Thelma responds that the likelihood is that Jessie will only shoot off her ear and turn herself into a vegetable.This is an important exchange because it sets the story course of exploring the emotional course of bother Jessie's life and her life with her mother. Middle Jessie: "And I can't do anything about my life to change it, make it better but I can stop it." This brilliant piece of dialogue, spare, evocative and tightly written cuts through to the heart for Jessie's motive for wanting to die.


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