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The time for taking care of patients’ safety becomes scarce, and complications sometime go undetected.

The high workload and stress compounding on the problem of nurses shortage also affect the nurses’ health.

In this regard, human factors, which correlate with medication safety, play the major role.

As far as patient safety is concerned, it cannot be overlooked when dealing with such sensitive issue as patient safety.

Causes of Nursing Shortage There are few people enrolling to study nursing compared to the market demand for the nurses.

There.....decreasing in number in many countries of the world, and the number of people suffering from different diseases is increasing.According to the department of health, patient safety needs to be prioritized, as far as health care system is concerned.The resulting patient safety management knowledge continually heightens improvement efforts to better patients’ welfare such as applying lessons learned from industry and business, educating consumers and providers, adopting innovative technologies, enhancing the error and the reporting systems, and finally developing new economic incentives (Fleming, 2000).A few nurses who are ready to assist people for many reasons and shortage of nurses are creating many impacts on patients as well as the healthcare industry.In general, the aim of the study was to find the impact on the shortage of the nurses in the healthcare industry concerning the quality of the service the nurses provide in comparison to the previous times when the nursing shortage was not a problem.This model helps alleviate the nursing shortage and frees the RN to address more professional concerns.The nursing shortage is being aggravated by an aging population base that is increasing the demands on the health care system and an aging workforce that is reaching......This thesis proposes a change in the number of nurses working in the ICU with focus on how it causes lack of patient safety.Statement of the problem Throughout the nursing profession, the shortage in the number of nurses in the ICU and its impact of patient’ (“Change Project Proposal: Nursing Shortage In ICU And How It Causes Essay”, n.d.) Retrieved from (Change Project Proposal: Nursing Shortage In ICU And How It Causes Essay), as a human factor, has increasingly become the factor that affects medication safety basically because of the lack of concern among the health care practitioners.For instance, there is a critical instant when a health care practitioner acting out of negligence failed to rescue the life of Elain Bremonung, a young woman who was hospitalized for a routine sinus surgery.


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