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The second reason – and the most shocking one –is because the children’s death would be the ultimate way to wound Jason, just like he wounded her.

The children’s murder is certainly Medea’s most condemnable action, especially since she does not seem to do everything in her power to spare them from pain, thus diminishing her first motivation’s validity to great extent.

The complete destruction of her betraying husband allows her to be seen as an empowering hero.

Many may resonate with Medea, seeing her as an abused, emotionally crushed woman who finds revenge and takes a stand against patriarchal oppression, who fights back even though this means sacrificing everything that is dearest to her.

On the contrary, the murder scene is horrific, and Medea’s conversation with Jason afterwards, taunting him about their death further proves that revenge was the main motivation.

However horrible the killing of the children and the reason behind it, let’s not forget that Medea, even though manipulative and seemingly calculated, was a broken, desperate woman.

Medea has given up everything and did unthinkable things for her husband, driven by her passion, only to be betrayed.

She showed throughout the play that she was a caring person, who loved her children and showed affection to them even though she killed them in the end.

The abominable act maybe cannot be seen as excusable because of what she has been through, but it should be taken as an example of what people are capable when pushed too far, when hurt too deeply.

Extraordinary circumstances can drive people to unimaginable decisions.


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