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It is an essential step and a skill to develop both psychologically and managerially.Instead of facing a giant, scary, impossible-to-climb monster-mountain, you have to learn how to define smaller roads among the hills and rocks.

It is an essential step and a skill to develop both psychologically and managerially.Instead of facing a giant, scary, impossible-to-climb monster-mountain, you have to learn how to define smaller roads among the hills and rocks.Here is how you can make the most of your time at university to improve your problem-solving skills…In a nutshell, my definition of problem-solving skills is very simple: it is the ability to identify the nature of a problem, deconstruct it (break it down) and develop an effective set of actions to address the challenges related to it.

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Developing problem-solving strategies takes persistence and dedication, but it can be achieved by employees working across all roles and industries.

There’s no shortage of problems you’ll face in the workplace that require solving.

An important part of this step of the problem-solving process is to create logical links between different potential solutions, thus reinforcing solutions and creating synergies.

Developing a step-by-step execution plan and acting effectively and decisively is the final touch in the problem-solving process.

Finding innovative solutions to issues or challenges faced by your team are at the heart of excellent problem-solving.

These solutions are often required for tight deadlines or when only limited resources are available – hence why problem-solving is a skill that can separate the good leaders from the great leaders.

The more your skills and strategies are developed and practised, the more you’ll have to draw from when you’re faced with bigger and more challenging problems in your professional life.

The greatness of Apple’s Steve Jobs – in the words of his colleagues – lay in the fact that he was the greatest problem solver of his time.

Therefore, it is no surprise that many companies today are hunting for problem solvers.

After discussing with my students several approaches to learning problem-solving skills, I decided to choose one of the most widely used and effective five-step formulas from project management, which is called IDEAL: Identify, Define, Examine, Act and Look.


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