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Read more » Mother Teresa is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest people of the 20th century – there is hardly anyone who hasn’t at least heard her name.

Coming into life as a member of a very average Albanian family, she ended as the leader of a vast charity organization that, in the course of the 20th century, managed to alleviate inconceivable amounts of pain and suffering first in India and then all over the world.

It seems that the majority prefers everyone to be humble and content with what one has.

Read more » to be disgusting or dangerous or something else.

Read more » From the very beginning of the music industry its principles were unchanged.

Yes, the storage mediums changed: from vinyl to audio-cassettes, from audio-cassettes to compact-discs.

Read more » In short, ambition is a strong desire to achieve success, which can be represented in various forms: power, wealth, fame, just any particular goal a person strives to attain.

People tend to disapprove of some manifestations of this desire, saying that it is often inordinate, that it makes a person think that he needs something he in fact simply wants, that it leads to unhappiness and grief for both the person in question and those around him.

Considering the name of our type of essay in English, its goal is in introduction a reader to various angles of a single problem.

There is no goal of persuading anyone as well as no need in researching the topic beforehand. To present the main ideas of such types of writing for a reader to understand it, the author must clearly understand the structure.


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