Expository Essay Grading Rubrics

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I have always had a hard time comprehending assignments.

The Writing really helped me to complete assignments on time and thoroughly.

An easy way to evaluate student writing is to create a rubric.

A rubric is a scoring guide that helps teachers evaluate student performance as well as a student product or project.

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They used over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles, which not only met but exceeded the assignment requirements. The Writing was incredibly accommodating and willing to work with a last minute deadline of mine. Thanks to The Writing Beat.com, I got my term papers in on time and was able to study for exams while they took care of the writing for me. Between school, homework and basketball practice, I barely had time to read Othello, much less write a whole paper about it.

I didn’t even know if they’d have access to the book, but it turned out The Writing was the perfect solution and wrote me a great paper!

Working two jobs and trying to balance a 21 credit semester is really tough. The papers I get back from the writers are always exactly what I’m looking for and more.


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