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AAT 3411606.) Chicago citation format for a published MA thesis: Author, year.

MA thesis, California Institute of Integral Studies.

Generally, a citation will include information that answers 4 basic questions: who created the work, when the work was created, what the work is called, and where the work was found.

To cite a dissertation in APA, you may have to include additional information depending on whether the dissertation was published or not.

You will find it in the citation; publication numbers usually begin with the letters AAT, with several numbers following, as in these two examples: I ain't fattening frogs for snakes: An inquiry into the application of creativity research to teaching practice by Crowe, Byron Dan, Ph.

D., California Institute of Integral Studies, 2010, 145 pages; AAT 3411606 Images of pain, images of pain relief: Multimodal expressive arts therapy and pain management by Kasai, Aya, M. Follow the format specified in the most recent edition of the style manual you choose; and – if it is not already required by that style – include the Pro Quest/UMI publication number in the References citation. Publication numbers are akin to the standard identification numbers for books (ISBNs), and will make it easier for future researchers using your work to unambiguously identify the work you are citing. Search for the item in Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses (available via the CIIS Library website). In e [email protected] you can search or browse the dissertations by title, author or date.Click on the title of the dissertation and choose View/Open to get the PDF.In some cases, results will have the full-text of the dissertation and/or links to purchase the dissertation.Using the Advanced Search option, enter your search terms and limit the Library to "Cornell University Library" and the Content type by "Thesis/dissertation." Some authors have chosen to make their dissertations available in full-text online via the Graduate School's collection in e [email protected], Cornell's online institutional repository.Citations are placed in the context of discussion using the author’s last name and date of publication.(Rashed, 2008) Alternatively, you can integrate the citation into the sentence by means of narrative.Pro Quest Dissertations & Theses database provides subject, title and author indexing to Ph D dissertations accepted at accredited institutions throughout the United States as well as an increasing number of papers accepted abroad.You can find Ph D and doctoral theses using our Library search. Digital copies of Leeds theses may also be available through the Electronic Theses Online Service provided by the British Library.


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