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As a result, the culture of monarchies was defeated in many countries, especially those of Cental Europe, which has given a signigicant push to the development of democracy as we encounter it nowadays.The question about what caused the French Revolution is debated by scientists till this very day.The desperation of people reached an unbelievable level.

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Well, I read a lot of fantasy but I’m not sure if I’d say that’s an influence. But, I’ve completely changed my mind and I apologise for everything bad I’ve said about French [laughs].

I love reading work by Cassandra Clare, an English writer, and I mainly always read English or Romanian. I’ve competed in many essay writing competitions in the past, but this is my first submission in French. I realised how much I actually enjoy learning the language and it has changed my life. I want to go to University to study Modern Languages – maybe to become a translator or a teacher in the future. As a Translator or a Teacher – I love children and I’ve always wanted to just help other people.

According to the system used at that time, the decision did not necessarily need to be supported by the majority of voices.

Even voting in full, the Third estate could still be outvoted by nobles, even represented by far less people.

The Revolution could not be held inside Paris along and soon it spreaded all over the French countryside.

The Revolution was supported by various methods, often very cruel, as the execution of King Louis XVI and his wife.

Hi (name of friend / neighbour / colleague) We’re having a . – Even if you’re having a terrible time, don’t complain in your postcard.

See you on (day you get back) Love (your name) Things to remember – Use the present continuous to describe what you’re doing. Use an exclamation mark to show you don’t mind that your holiday isn’t perfect.

” It’s one of those great holiday traditions, almost as “British” as a bucket and a spade on a beach.

We send postcards (often on the last day of the holiday) to tell our friends what a great time we’re having. They’re short, positive (even if it’s raining) and predictable in their content. Choose any one of the adjectives to complete your sentences.


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