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MINISTERIAL TRAINING CENTER - TRAINING DISCOURSES For most of us, as we go through the daily minutiae of our lives, death is an abstraction.So, when it happens around us, we are caught off-guard, unprepared. What would you do if a friend or loved one dies and you are asked to do the service?It is not unusual to have nobody speak at the service, but sometimes people will come up if it's left open to them.

Neither was quite the truth I wanted to share, but it gave me a place to start. I thank people for coming and begin to talk about why we are there, to celebrate the life of someone they have loved.

I invite people to say hello in spirit to the deceased, while I lead everyone in a prayer.

I talk a bit about life and death and what we have learned from the deceased before I move into the eulogy.

(I created a standard opening for the eulogy, then I fill it in with information and stories I gather from the bereaved before the service.) I move on to talk about the value of telling stories and remembrances about the deceased and invite people to say a few words.

It's up to you to recognize those emotions and do your best to put them at ease.

Many ULC ministers are called upon to perform the ceremony in the funeral chapel only.I enjoy singing ' Amazing Grace' at funerals.Not everyone is comfortable with that, but there still can be room for a musical introduction.I decided I wanted to conduct memorial services as an addition to my wedding business, so I began creating a healing service for the occasion.The hardest parts for me were combating the potential fear of how I would feel about being around a dead body and trying to figure out what I was going to say.Until the time of my first memorial, I'd never even attended a service, let alone seen a dead body.I'd like to start by saying that a dead body looks a lot like a wax dummy. It quickly becomes apparent that the spirit has departed and what remains is merely an empty vessel.Some are called upon for a graveside ceremony only.Not all funerals are religious in nature and the minister should be prepared to offer a civil ceremony without references to God or any particular belief system. of Henley, MO, has gone home to live with the Lord on Sunday, December 25, 2025, at the age of 87. Louis, MO and the News Tribune, Jefferson City, MO Nally, Betty C.


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