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” This article is a response to the question, “How does psychosynthesis view human beings and their world?” Since practical applications are discussed by many other authors, I focus here on the abstract and theoretical.bringing to the foreground a world-view which is the context in which techniques are applied.

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The film is an adaptation of an audio-visual presentation Russell directed at the International Psychosynthesis Conference (Toronto, Canada: July 1, 1983). Originally published as _The Awakening Earth: The Global Brain_, ISBN: 1850631018, (London: Arkana, 1982).

In turn, the presentation is an adaptation of his text, _The Global Brain: Speculations on the Evolutionary Leap to Planetary Consciousness_, ISBN: 0874772486, (Los Angeles, California: J.

The fusion of diverse elements can also release tremendous potentials, as evidenced by some nuclear reactions.

For individuals, a personal synthesis begins with the resolution of inner conflicts and the combining of diverse personality elements leading toward a sense of wholeness and harmony.

In its broad sense, it is a name for the human experience of syntropy-nature´s tendency to evolve toward ever-more inclusive and highly-organized wholes In this meaning, psychosynthesis is a process, a trend.

a goal; and reducing it to definitions or theories confines.

In its methods, psychosynthesis combines techniques of psychotherapy, education and spiritual disciplines. When there is a true synthesis, the result is something new.

In chemistry, for example, either hydrogen or oxygen alone manifests as a gas, whereas their combination can be a liquid-water.

The fundamental assumptions of psychosynthesis are presented here through a discussion of seven constructs: Synthesisthe will.

Each construct is a detailed set of relationships and ideas.


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