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Video Essay and Interview Coaching As part of our Admissions package, we coach you towards making the best impression to the Admissions Committee be it on camera or live at your interview meeting.Weekly Admission Clinics We just love to teach, and we teach you how to build your best application.

Also, why not enjoy a Cappuccino and network while you are here?

An essential part of the application process, a well-written essay shows who you are, how you think and why you are a good candidate for that university. Especially when we have to limit the number of characters or words in our narrative.

Unlimited Meetings and Essay Revisions Whether it is to discuss a particular MBA program you have in mind or review an essay or your online application, our team is there for you.

You can schedule as many meetings as you like, be it in-person at our office or online.

MBA Admissions Consulting MBA Admissions Consulting You will work with both an Admissions Coach and a Writing Coach, all with Ivy League backgrounds.

They are full time employees at MBA House, which is very different from other Admissions Consulting firms that hire consultants by the hour based on demand.

Others ask for it describe objective questions or short texts.

Despite the variety of formats, what institutions seek is to know you better.

But the practice can lead to a better, more concise, and to the point essay without removing your personality, of course.

The essay, personal statement or motivation letter is the moment you introduce yourself to the educational institution to which you are applying.


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