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Great American Essays 2009-56
Write down all the questions that come to mind around these events. Essay ideas often arise out of an exploration of these questions (adapted from Dinty W. not only compelling and charming but also down right funny and honest.His essays have been selected for anthologies including Best American Essays 2009 and have appeared in , among others.

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Summary: These resources discuss some terms and techniques that are useful to the beginning and intermediate creative nonfiction writer, and to instructors who are teaching creative nonfiction at these levels.

Boston Review, December 2003/January 2004 New World Order review of David Harvey, The New Imperialism Boston Phoenix, January 30, 2004 Adulterers, Unite?

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Kloppenberg, Reading Obama US Intellectual History Blog, May 27, 2011 reply by Kloppenberg Gettysburg Regress: How the Government is Ruining America’s Most Famous Battlefield The New Republic, March 18, 2009; pdf discussion at Best American Essays 2010 event All the Privileged Must Have Prizes [Harvard] Times Higher Education, July 10, 2008 History as a Vocation from Every Fury on Earth, 2008 What Happened to Sex Scandals?

Politics and Peccadilloes, Jefferson to Kennedy Journal of American History, December 2000 The Stark Morals of James Agee’s Great Depression Essay The, June 19, 2013 Aaron Swartz, 1986-2013 The Baffler blog, January 12, 2013 Statement in Support of Aaron Swartz w/ George Scialabba, July 23, 2011 The Cult of the Boss [Thorstein Veblen] Playboy, November 2011; pdf Daniel Bell and The End of Ideology Dissent, Spring 2011; pdf exchange with Mark Lilla Fly Away, Mockingbird [Harper Lee] Counterpunch, July 26, 2010 What Politics Does to History [Staughton Lynd] The New Republic, July 19, 2010 replies by Staughton Lynd and Carl Mirra The Observer [Henry Thoreau] The New Republic, April 20, 2010 A Snob’s Revenge [Dwight Macdonald] The New Republic, January 20, 2010 James Agee, the Anarchist Sublime The Gettysburg Review, Winter 2007 History from the Center [Richard Hofstadter] review of David Brown, Richard Hofstadter New York Observer, June 19, 2006 Chomsky and Academic History Counterpunch, January 8, 2005 symposium, Frontpage Remembering Irving Howe review of Irving Howe: a Life of Passionate Dissent Wilson Quarterly, Spring 2003 The King’s English [Christopher Lasch] review of Christopher Lasch, Plain Style San Francisco Chronicle, August 18, 2002 C.

WRIGHT MILLS (1916-1962) Never-Before-Seen Photos of Fidel Castro’s Revolution Vanity Fair, November 29, 2016. Wright Mills at Columbia lecture at Columbia University, March 31, 2015 The Deciders New York Times, May 14, 2006 Permanent Stranger review of Daniel Geary, Radical Ambition Reviews in American History, June 2010 The Cultural Break: C.

Wright Mills and the Polish October Intellectual History Review, July 2008 pdf No-Man’s-Land: C. Tauris, 2008 The Epigone’s Embrace: Irving Louis Horowitz on C.

SB: Almost all of the essays in your collection have been published in other literary journals and you mention that sometimes in slightly different form.

What types of changes did you make to your essays in order to create the cohesive collection you have now?


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