Growth Strategy Business Plan

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This choice especially depends on the approach of a company's product/market and the latter's taste for risk.

Growth planning is a strategic business activity that enables business owners to plan and track organic growth in their revenue.

Whatever your motivation, there are various ways to grow a company.

These ways are clearly presented in the Ansoff model, a strategic tool used during the development of a growth strategy.

A Business plan focuses on the business goals and background information about the organization and key team members.

It is commonly developed for a 3-5 year time frame and is useful when seeking external funding from either banks or investors.

On the other hand, a Growth Plan is short term, typically 1–2 years or less.

It focuses at a much deeper level on the go-to-market section usually seen in a Business Plan.

Businesses in situations like these will develop a Growth Plan to prioritize resources and take corrective action to stay on track.

A Growth Plan only contains the elements of a business where the customer can see value.


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