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Understanding these often subtle notions can be hard, that is why I wanted to give examples for all of them. Thanks Sandeep :-) For each group of French conjunctions and expressions, click on the audio link to hear my recording.

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He starts his letter with the salutation, Chère Camille (Dear, pronounced 'shayr,' Camille), writes a few paragraphs describing his visit to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, and then closes his letter with Bises! While he has his stationery out, Jean-Luc also decides to write a note to Mr. He opens his letter with Cher Monsieur Thomas (Dear Mr., pronounced 'shayr mohn-see-uhr,' Thomas), which includes a brief paragraph discussing a recent meeting at work, and then closes his letter with the following: Veuillez accepter, Monsieur Thomas, mes salutations distinguées (Please accept, Mr.

Thomas, my distinguished salutations, 'voy-yay ahk-sehp-tay may sah-loo-tah-siohn dee-stan-gay').

Let's take a look at these different factors and how they impact how fast you learn French.

French Linking words help you connect ideas and sentences, make smooth transitions.

So, for instance, if you were writing to Camille and her husband Henri, you would start your letter with Chers (shayr) Camille et Henri.

When writing a letter to Camille and her sister Sara, you would write Chères (shayr) Camille et Sara.

Knowing these French linking words often make THE difference in your French speaking skills, and convey meanings that can nuance the whole sentence.

Here is a list of about 50 French linking words that my private French student Sandeep helped me put together.

In a formal context, like a cover letter for a job interview like this one, you would use a formal closing, such as Veuillez accepter ma consideration distinguee (Please accept my distinguished consideration).

Also, remember to always use the formal you (vous) in letters to people you don't know well or in letters to multiple people. In this lesson, we went over several phrases to use when writing letters in French.


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