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You’ll want to take inventory of the message you’ve conveyed throughout your application materials (essay, résumé, data forms, etc.) and your interview, and then write your reflection with an eye towards emphasizing the key attributes of your candidacy.Lastly, the 24-hour turnaround means that this reflection will require a focused effort from applicants as well as some careful advance planning.You might explain the magnitude of a professional or personal accomplishment noted on your résumé, for instance.

The first step is for you to assess how you best embody these qualities, and how you may elaborate on them outside of your other application materials, including your recommendations, test scores and undergraduate records.

Of these three categories, leadership should be a priority focus.

To help draft this reflection, applicants would be wise to jot down some notes immediately after interviewing so that they can later refer to a clear record of what was discussed as well as what, if anything, they would have liked discuss, but did not get a chance to cover.

When it comes time to write the essay, applicants should approach their response as if they are crafting a closing argument to their application.

Given the open-ended length, it is possible to cover more than one meaningful activity, project or accomplishment.

However, the fact that HBS consistently trimmed down its essay set prior to this single prompt likely indicates that a 1,000-word essay would be unwelcome.This newly revised 2019 Harvard essay guide will help you understand what needs to be in a successful pitch and how to make the most of your opportunity in front of your Admissions Board reader.Pick it up now and get started planning your approach!A thorough, objective, and accurate synopsis of the school, student composition, coursework, and admissions information.I remember all too well the leg work involved in rounding up school-specific info prior to making my application decisions -- I wish these guides were available when I was applying! It is very well written, resourceful, accurate and concise.You should take care to steer clear of simply “recycling” essays from HBS’s peer schools, such as Stanford or Wharton, as the adcom will probably spot such an essay based on the highly unfocused nature of the HBS prompt and will not respond positively.In line with the policy instituted in the 2012-2013 season, applicants who are invited to interview will be asked to write a reflection about their interview experience.I liked the geographic and industry job placement comparisons between schools too.The Harvard 2019 MBA application guide has been refreshed for all of you who are applying to the Class of 2022.By bringing together student opinion, official statistics and original research, the London Business School Guide offers an authentic snapshot of life in our programme.The cross-school analysis presented in the guide is invaluable for candidates who are looking to go beyond rankings and understand the nuances of leading programs.


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