Heart Disease Essay

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Read about heart attack warning signs If you are rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack, your health care team will do some tests to find out if you are having a heart attack.

They may include: These tests will help them to decide the best treatment for you. Too many people lose their lives because they wait too long to get treatment for heart attack. There is a high risk of dangerous changes to your heartbeat after the start of a heart attack.

For others, a heart attack can happen after weeks, months or years of having coronary heart disease.

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Heart attack warning signs can vary from person to person, and they may not always be sudden or severe.

Congenital heart disease in adults and damage to the four valves inside the heart from previous rheumatic fever, now rare, were both common, difficult to diagnose, and not correctable by surgical intervention as is presently the case.

When one scans the lists of diagnoses of patients in base hospitals in The War it is surprising to see heart disease with some frequency.

Read about living with heart disease If you’ve had a heart attack or a procedure, you should be given information about a cardiac rehabilitation program which is another really important step in your recovery.

Heart disease in 1918 was quite different from that which we now know nearly one-hundred years later.


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