Heart Of Darkness Symbolism Essay

One might ponder that darkness in this novel refers to the Congo, the African people who live there, how so they lived in illiteracy, act ferociously and roughly.This all might be real and to a certain degree might be authentic.Despite sounding condemning in nature, this role is actual crucial.

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Since this novel leans in the direction of the dark more than light, the dark will be our center of concentration.

Conrad leaves the meaning of this darkness vague on purpose.

Guerard." In Conrad's Heart of Darkness Marlow, the chief character, represent the absoluteness of Imperialism.

Marlow as a character recognizes the evil that contrary Imperialism has caused and concludes it is truly needless.

Nonetheless, when he sees mistreatment and unfair handling he does not physically try to stop it.

On the contrary, he just turns away and accepts that it is happening.Madness serves two functions; a device of irony to engage the sympathies of the reader and to establish the necessity of social frictions.Fog: The fog is reputed to be consequential of darkness. If presents just enough information to start making a conclusion, but does not provide the information needed to determine accuracy or merit.At its root, the novel paints a dark picture of colonial enterprise.The men working for the company categorize their activities as ‘trade’ and their horrible treatment of the native inhabitants is just another necessary part of civilization.Madness as an outcome of imperlialism: Madness and imperialism are seen as one in the same.Africa is viewed as being responsible for mental collapse and physical illness.We read this novel from perspectives unavailable to its first audience: we question assumptions about race and self-government, which that audience didn't -- we live in a different world with different maps, and different cultural and political orders." The darkness is in the title and also the major point of this book.Darkness symbolizes wilderness, immoral and avarice. Conrad tells us about the character of the human's heart and how can that be turned from good to bad.The waves encroach fairly evenly on the shore, and presently a few more feet of sand have been won.But an occasional wave thrusts up unexpectedly, much further than the others; even as far, say, as Kurtz and his Inner Station"- Albert J.


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